Community Networks
  • Groups and Sponsors: Sponsors (Payers) align with trusted community partners on programmatic outcomes, goals, and engagement strategies.
  • Interoperability: Enables connectivity among community partners to onboard members and facilitate referrals for health and social care.
  • Peer to Peer Community Network: Offers personalized access to services, with trusted messengers, referrals, and support in a true ‘app-less’ and tailored experience.
Community Management
  • Curated Member Populations and Communities: Maintains unique and verified contact and demographic information, continuously updated with insights based on member interactions and engagement.
  • Trusted Community Relationships: Ensures upfront verification of sponsors and community partners before they are designated as trusted network partners.
Trusted Engagements
  • Multi-mode engagement: Enhances existing community partner efforts with multi-channel, digital outreach (SMS/RCS/Messengers/Voice).
  • AI Conversations and Workflows: Streamlines communications with easy, automated workflows and message-based conversations.
  • Language: Offers real-time translation in over 112 languages, applying local grammar and context to personalize messages.
  • Services and Content: Supports messages with relevant content, including videos, documents, resources, and surveys.
Community Outcomes & Health Hub
  • Insights and Analytics: Provides reports on the outcomes and performance of programs.
  • No Labels: Maintains the trusted community brand without corporate or sponsor branding, preserving trust and authenticity within communities.
  • Scale: Enables communication with both small groups and audiences of hundreds of thousands simultaneously.
  • Safe and Secure Engagement: Ensures a secure communication environment with no ads, no selling of data, and outreach that complies with HIPAA regulations for safe and secure communications.
  • Scales Community partner outreach and create capacity
  • Community based partners can connect with diverse populations without burdensome translation services
  • Community based partners and community workers are able to direct populations to the right services in real-time and confirm their engagement
  • Leverage a network of trust across communities for sharing knowledge and experience, intelligence and information, and cross-leverage services if required
  • Improved outcomes and impact from outreach by trusted sources
  • Community based partners can capture information through polls, simple text responses, and mobile forms

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